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Winning numbers

1st prize : 0672
prize : 5660
prize : 4899
prize : 2935
prize : 0750
prize : 0587
prize : 2122
prize : 0885
prize : 2756
10th prize
: 0091


1st prize:

FELINO offers you a MC Baldassari's painting ($500 value) and a media access for 4 people to its Media event scheduled for summer 2014.


2nd prize:

Luxury Retreats offers you the Villa Sandy Cove 101, Barbados for 6 people for a 7-days stay (airfare not included). 

 Value : $7,000


3rd prize:

Private suite for 18 people to attend the hockey game of the Montreal Canadiens against the Washington Capitals, on Saturday, January 25th , 2014 at 7:00 p.m. including hot and cold buffet, open bar and one parking ticket for the Bell Center.

 Value : $6,500

4th door prize:

GPR3 offers you the Ultimate 2014 NASCAR Experience, the package includes 4 tickets in a corporate box, accommodation in an on-site RV for 3 days, and the chance to experience a race in the security car.

 Value : $4,500

5th prize:

The package ''Art in Charlevoix'' includes the artwork 'Vase'  of the sculptor, Martin Brisson, one-night stay for 2 people at the Fairmont le Manoir Richelieu and a private visit of the Gallery Boutique Charlevoix.


Value : $4,407

6th prize:

Hydro-Québec offers  a "Trip to Baie-James": May 26 and 27, 2014, for 2 people including round-trip airfare, accomodations, meals and guided tours.

 Value : $4,040 

7th prize:

LGM Financial Services offers you a gift certicate for a wine cellar.


 Value : $3,000

8th prize:

Circuit ICAR offers you a one-day driving lesson for 2 people behind the wheel of a Mustang GT specialy prepared for racing.

 Value : $2,644

9th prize:

RBC Wealth Management, Private Banking, offers you a collection of Apple products including the new MacBook Air, an iPad with Retina display and an iPod touch.

 Value : $2,060

10th prize:

Suly inc. offers you a gift certificate for a culinary experience at Queue de Cheval restaurant, located at 1181 De la Montagne, Montréal.

 Value : $1,500

RACJ : 417766


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